COVID-19 Response

HL&P has made some changes to how we operate during COVID-19 to ensure that the current situation has no impact on your electric service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is  your  business office open and where can I pay my bill?

Yes, we are open, but our doors are closed to help minimize face-to -face contact.

We can assist customers with payments, questions, account set-up and more via the drive up window, our customer service line (435) 654-1581, and through Smarthub.

For payments over the phone please call (844) 210-8259. 

Payments may also be dropped off at our drop box on the south side of our business office located at 31 S. 100 W. in Heber City. 

Our 24/7 Dispatch Center can be reached at (435) 654-2913. 

Could I be shut off for non-payment and, will you charge a late fee if I am having trouble paying my bill?

After briefly suspending shut-offs, we have reinstated shutting off customers over sixty days in arrears beginning June 1, 2020. You will be notified if you are at risk of being shut-off for non-payment. 

We will start charging late fees again as of July 1, 2020. Late fees will be processed after the due date on your most current statement and applied to all past due amounts (1.5% of delinquent balance).

If you are behind on your bill, you can make payment arrangements to avoid shut-off by calling (435) 654-1581 for assistance.

I lost my job or had my pay reduced because of COVID-19 and I am having trouble paying my bill. Is there any help for me?

Yes, there is help available.  The H.E.A.T. assistance program has funding available to help families that have lost income due to COVID-19. Please visit our H.E.A.T. Program page for more information.

We can help you make payment arrangements to get caught up. As long as you make your arranged payments, you will not be shut-off. It is important to make these arrangements and keep them. For help, contact a Billing Specialist at (435)654-1581.

 It is also a good idea to conserve energy to avoid high bills during this time.  Here are some tips on how to save energy: Energy Efficiency Tips.

Will I be able to get help if my power goes out or if I have any trouble with my service?

We are fully staffed and always on-call to help our customers 24 hours-a-day, every day. If your power is out please report it to our Dispatch Center by calling (435) 654-2913. You can also check our Facebook page for updates on outages. 

Our crews are working hard every day to keep the power on and to stay healthy by practicing social distancing. If you need assistance please call (435) 654-2913 rather than approaching our crews in the field. This helps keep us all safe and healthy!

Since my children and I have been home all day we are seeing high energy bills. Is there anything that we can do?

Yes, there are lots of ways to save energy and avoid high bills.  Check out our Energy Saving Tips to learn how you can change your behavior to save energy. Make it a household effort by signing up for Smarthub to view charts with your historical usage and then issue a challenge to reduce your household energy from the same day last month. Saving energy can be fun! 

Someone called me demanding a payment for my electric bill. Does HL&P call to request payments from customers?

No, HL&P does not call to request immediate payment over the phone.  Even during normal operations, we issue door hangers to notify of service-termination, send text messages, and final notices on bills. Never give financial information to someone who calls or emails you. Unfortunately, there are a huge number of scams right now that are meant to take advantage of our current situation. Please call us at (435) 654-2913 to report a scam and please report it to our local police department.