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Feed-in Tariff

Heber Light & Power's Feed-in Tariff Program
The Heber Light & Power Solar Power Feed-in Tariff (FIT) Pilot Program allows HL&P's General Service customers to generate Solar Power at their place of business and sell all of that energy to HL&P at an avoided cost rate.

FIT customers will have a service meter that measures the amount of energy that they use, and a production meter that measures the amount of energy that they generate at their place of business.

Under the FIT Pilot Program, FIT customers will pay current rates for the energy they use, and they will be paid the avoided cost rate for the energy they produce.

The Pilot Program will allow Solar Facilities with a total capacity of more than 25 kilowatts and not greater than 250 kilowatts. Applications will be accepted and reviewed on a first come, first served basis through December 31, 2017, unless the deadline is extended by the Company's Board of Directors.

FIT customers will be offered a Power Purchase Agreement that includes the rate at which the Company will pay for the energy over the expected life of the installation.

Feed-In Tariff Pilot Program
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