Jordanelle - Midway Transmission Project
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Heber Light & Power Projects

Updated 6-21-2018
Please send us your questions and comments reguarding the proposed transmission. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.

Transmission Line Question and Comment Form

At the direction of the Board of Directors, Heber Light & Power hired NEI Electrical Power Engineering to study the cost of burying the proposed transmission line.

It is available for download here:

HL&P Underground Transmission Cost Study - 2018

Heber Light & Power also hired ICPE (Intermountain Consumer Professional Engineers, Inc) to perform a 46kV Load Flow Study.

It is available for download here:

HL&P 46kV Load Flow Study - 2018

Updated 6-18-2018
Updated route map with the new section in Heber Ciy highlighted.

Proposed route map with (5) photos of existing conditions along with (5) corresponding photo simulations of the proposed conditions.

Image 1 - Existing and Proposed

Image 2 - Existing and Proposed

Image 3 - Existing and Proposed

Image 4 - Existing and Proposed

Image 5 - Existing and Proposed

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Click for Larger Image (5)

Click for Larger Image (1)

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HL&P | RMP Transmission Line Rebuild
Updated 7-12-2017
Transmission Rebuild and Second Point of Interconnect

In 2014, Heber Light & Power and Rocky Mountain Power began working on the first phase of a multi-year project to rebuild ten miles of transmission line from the Jordanelle Dam to the Midway Substation, and to add a second point of interconnect to the Western Grid. This project will complete a transmission loop between Park City and Orem using Heber Light & Power's existing and future planned transmission and transportation corridors. Part of the project is rebuilding the south transmission line and adding 138 and 46 kilovolt lines to new reinforced poles.

Why does the Heber Valley need this?

This is a critical project for the Heber Valley. For the fifth year in a row, the U.S Census Bureau has listed Wasatch County as one of the top eight fastest growing counties in the nation. It is imperative that infrastructure continues to be replaced and improved to meet the demands of growth. Currently, HL&P receives up to 75 percent of its energy from a single point of interconnect to the Western Grid via the PacifiCorp owned powerline in Provo Canyon. One point of interconnect to the grid cannot continue to sustain growth and puts customers at risk of prolonged outages.

Looking to the Future

In the future, the capacity demands of the Heber Valley will exceed the capacity of the single feed from Provo Canyon. While infrastructure improvements are necessary to support growth, they are also expensive. The high cost of a multi-year transmission rebuild does not have to be unduly burdensome to our customers. Working with Rocky Mountain Power on this project to share poles and costs saves HL&P over half of the project costs and minimizes the number of poles and lines running in and around the valley. Working with Rocky Mountain Power helps the company to continue to provide the reliable and affordable electric service.

Existing Section of the Jordanelle to Midway
Joint Transmission Line Rebuild

Questions & Answers
Why is HL&P rebuilding this power line?

The existing line is over 25 years old and needs to be rebuilt in order to maintain and improve system reliability. The Heber Valley is growing exponentially and new homes and businesses are creating greater power demands on HL&P's power grid. The upgraded line will improve system capacity and reliabilty by creating redundancy through a second point of interconnect with RMP's power grid.

Why is Rocky Mountain Power part of this project?

Both HL&P and Rocky Mountain Power need this power line rebuilt for separate reasons. HL&P needs a second point of interconnect for capacity, redundancy, reliability and future power load growth. Rocky Mountain Power needs to complete a loop circuit by connecting the Park City line to the Orem line located in Provo Canyon. Working on this project jointly creates synergies and cost savings that benefit both companies and their rate payers. The existing power line is the shortest distance between the Jordanelle line and the Midway substation and it also crosses the HL&P property where the second point of interconnect needs to be located.

Why don't you install this line underground?

Installing a 138kV transmission line underground is a very expensive and intrusive process. The easement corridors need to much wider which makes them more expensive, also the labor and material costs are much higher. On average an underground power line costs between 4 and 7 times more than overhead. It is unfair to transfer those costs on to our rate payers. Overhead power lines are a national standard and HL&P feels it is the only viable solutions with this power line rebuild.

When will construction begin? What is the timeline?

Construction on this line has already begun, there is a one mile section completed on Highway 40 north of Heber. The next phase will begin in 2018 and we plan on finishing the entire project in 2020.

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