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Net Metering

What is Net Metering and how does it work?
Most electric meters measure the-one way flow of energy from the grid to a customer. When a customer wants to produce their own energy and export excess production onto the grid, then the meter must be able to measure the bi-directional flow of energy. Net metering is a type of metering technology that allows the flow of energy to be measured from the grid to a customer and from a customer to the grid. Through this technology, the net or the difference between a customer's energy usage from the grid and excess energy produced can be calculated.

There are many different ways that an electric utility can manage net metering. Most use a net metering policy to communicate how they will handle the credits and payment of energy for customers that both import and export electricity. Some utilities pay for excess generation at a variable avoided cost rate. Some offer a credit for each kilowatt produced towards a kilowatt used with an expiration date for unused credits. Other utilities allow excess generation, but do not offer any credits. Although there are differences in how electric utilities structure their net metering policies, most share a common goal of responsibly managing resources in a way that is fair and equitable to all customers.

Heber Light & Power updated its Net Metering Policy in May of 2016 with the hope that the new policy would allow net metering to thrive within the valley without putting any undue burden on customers who do not generate their own power. It is important that all customers pay their fair share for the system that they use, whether they are using it to export or import power. Please continue reading below for Heber Light & Power's Net Metering Policy details.

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Net Metering Policy Highlights
Who qualifies for the Net Metering Program at HL&P?
Residential and Small General Service Customers can net meter. Medium and Large General Service customers are eligible for the Feed-in Tariff Program.

What are the system size requirements?
Residential systems may be the lesser of 90% of the customer's two-year average usage or 15 kW. Small General Service customers may be sized at the lesser of 90% of the two-year average usage or 25 kW.

Why are there system size limitations?
Each circuit is limited on the amount of generation that can flow back onto the system, without requiring equipment upgrades. Limiting system size helps us spread the allowable level of distributed generation capacity across more customers. If we allow a few customers to oversize their systems, then other customers will not have the same opportunity to net meter with us.

We suggest that customers use energy efficiency and other tools to reduce their energy usage at the same time that they invest in solar to get their system size to match 100% of their usage. Typically, customers that invest in solar find that they reduce their overall energy usage simply due to awareness. Investing in solar and energy efficiency combined with energy conservation will give customers the best value for their money.

What is Net Metering Orientation?
Potential Net Metering customers must complete Net Metering Orientation with a HL&P employee as part of the application process. Solar Contractors must complete a training to be eligible to install net metering eligible PV Systems. These orientations are simply quick meetings to review the policy and answer questions. We want to make sure that our customers understand how net metering works at HL&P.

Does HL&P credit customers for excess generation?
Yes, HL&P provides a credit for each excess kilowatt hour produced. These credits are banked throughout the year, and are credited towards usage in months when the customer imports more energy than they export. Any credits that are left in the bank at the end of the calendar year are purchased by HL&P from the customer at the same rate the customer pays the utility for kilowatt hours.

Net Metering Solar Projects
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